8 tips how to plan and intimate wedding

January 10, 2023

Are you and your partner curious if having an intimate wedding or elopement is for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed with wedding plans?

Having an intimate wedding or elopement can be a fun, romantic and intimate way to get married, but it also requires some planning to make sure everything goes as planned. Below are 8 tips to help you plan:

  1. Choosing the best location: Your elopement location should be sentimental and meaningful to you as a couple. This could be a place where you first met, your go to vacation spot, or somewhere that has a special meaning to you.
  2. Keep it small: Intimate weddings or elopements are all about simplicity, so try to keep the guest list small and only include close family and friends. Some couples choose just one or two people to witness their wedding nuptials.
  3. Legal requirements: Make sure you’ve read up on all the legal requirements for getting married in the location you’ve chosen. Most the time you’ll need to apply for a marriage license or find an officiant who is legally able to perform the ceremony.
  4. Book a Vendors: Even if you’re planning on having an intimate wedding or elopement, it’s still a great idea to hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help you with the details and make sure everything goes as planned on your wedding day!
  5. Choose sentimental details: Even though your intimate wedding or elopement may be small, that doesn’t mean it can’t be meaningful. I suggest adding personalized touches like writing your own wedding vows to one another or simply selecting a special song for your first dance as husband and wife.
  6. Plan your after party: Even though you got married without a full guest list, it is still common to celebrate with your family and friends and have a reception/party to celebrate your nuptials!
  7. Choose an experienced photographer: Because you’re choosing to have an intimate wedding or elopement, one of the most important things you’ll want to do is to capture your special day with professional photographs. When you make sure to hire an experienced photographer that understands your vision and is able to tell a story of the day, then you’ll be able to share your day with your friends and family and they will feel like they attended!
  8. Be flexible: Weddings never go as planned whether there is 4 people involved or 400+ guests so don’t let it ruin your wedding day. The most important thing is that you’ll both be married.

I hope these 8 tips help you plan your intimate wedding or elopement of your dreams!