photographer, mom, wife, & daughter

Hey there, I'm Sara!

First thing you need to know about me is that I'm a coffee addict. My go to coffee order at home is a dirty chai with oat milk.

I love crime shows & podcasts. Dexter, Criminal minds and NCIS are just a few of my favorites. Schitts Creek & the office are a few more of my guilty pleasures. Morbid podcasts get me through editing most days.

I got married to my best friend in June of 2021. I instantly became a bonus mom to two amazing kids & we just had a baby girl in March. I love the little family that we've created.

me in a nutshell

I actually have a degree in

I'm obsessed with

culinary arts

Coffee, wine & tacos

My fav

Nothing makes me happier than

biking & working out


I started my business

I’m addicted to

cinnamon rolls

in 2017

my pet

My favorite hobbies

juniper, my rabbit

Diy projects + thrifting

Awards // Featured In

The AISle society

Heartland Wedding


des Moines wedding magazine

Des Moines wedding magazine

Sara Reus Photography




des moines, iowa